Monday, April 7, 2014

"Cakap Melayu lah" 10 Days Shooting Diary

Day 1 
Stand by in the studio at 12pm and finished at 11.30pm. Feeling okay~ not so tired. But tomorrow have to reach studio by 9.30am. Because of have to spare more time on traffic jam. I have to wake up at 7.30am. GG meh~

Day 2
Woke up very early coz my shoot start earlier today. And my make up and outfit are more complex, so I was told to reach there extra earlier. But I don't feel tired at all! Today we all had lots fun making up jokes and laughed all our heart out together. I feel the staffs and actors/actresses we got closer to each other. And they provided 3 meals and snacks. So basically my day sum up with eat, change outfit, act, laugh, eat, change outfit, act, laugh and repeat! I'm not saying acting is easy, but it's interesting! This event had become one of the best memory in my life.

Day 3 
What a long day~ very tired today. It's not that acting makes me tired. It's keep changing outfits that makes me tired. I think I changed 4~5 outfits in one same episode. And I think I changed almost 8 times today. I've never change so many outfits in 1 day before. I broke my records! Yay~! Just notice I haven't read script and memories dialogue for tomorrow shoot and I'm too tired to do it now. So... god bless me.

Day 4
The catering prepared crabs for us for lunch today! Everyone was like wow! Crab! But nay~ too lazy to peel the shells.. lol!!
But sad case was.. We had too many run down today. We didn't managed to shoot all scene today. Gonna carry forward few scene. It was very cold in the studio today. I think I've caught a cold. Not feeling well now. Or maybe I'm too tired? Should be fine after a good night sleep.

Day 5
What a crazy day. We arrived the studio early. But after shooting 1 scene. We had almost 4 hours break. We spent 1 hour waiting for our food arrive. 2 hours shopping at paradigm mall and 1 hour chill in studio and get ready for next shoot. Unfortunately, we shoot until 2am last night! And I officially caught a cold. Couldn't take the fever anymore and took panadol. I just gonecomma once I had reach my bed.

Day 6
Shit happens. I was too sick and tired to notice my phone was running out of battery last night. My phone just died this morning so the alarm I set in my phone won't ring. Holy~ I was 1 hour late!! Panic, rushing everything.. oh wait! I feel so much energy compare to yesterday. Great! Fever is gone. Yay~ chop chop finish shooting today. We finished early at 8pm today! Wee~ can rest early and hope my cough and sore throat go away soon.

Day 7
Nothing special today. We just do what we do like and eat a lot like what we do in normal days. Gosh~ I'm getting fatter! >A<" Unexpectedly! We end off 4pm! So early! Went to Midvalley and watched Captain America. Shit.. I fell asleep during the show. I snored and my friend woke me up. So embarrassing! ><". Guess I was too tired.

Day 8
Another busy shooting day. Was too busy keep changing clothes and wigs. Half of the time I wasn't sure what exactly I was doing. Feeling very numb. Maybe it was the medicine side effects. Serious cough haunted me. I had to hold my breath when I feel like want to cough when the camera is rolling. Every time when director shout "cut". I felt like I was going to cough my lung out. We filmed the last scene in the last episode of the series today. It was super funny! I can't even stop laughing when the camera is rolling. I was not suppose to laugh okay~ I just couldn't tolerate the funniness.

Day 9
We had an off day yesterday. My off day sum up with sleep, eat, take cough medicine, sleep again, wake up and eat, take cough medicine again and goes back to sleep. Like a serious cancer patient. Haha! But I'm well rested! My cough is almost gone! Wee~ but I slept too much yesterday. My brain kinda dead today. Very blur and slow poke. But we ended early today! Very early! Tomorrow is our last day for the shoot. After tomorrow we all will go our separate ways until we get to shoot for 2nd season again which is next year. So sad desu~ T.T

Day 10
This is our last photo taken on the last day shooting. That's the end of our 10 days shooting. Back to my normal life. A little not used to it. I will miss those days we worked together, make fun together, laughed together, gossip together. Can't wait for the next shooting! Can't wait to shoot for the next season! o(>v<)o

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Launching of Zerra Culture by Angeline Lee

On 1st December, Hallo Agents was invited to Wynnie
d the grand launching of Zerra Culture at Fehrenheit 88 Parkamaya. All Hallo Agents members was very excited of course. Especially Vikky and Cavy, they love Zerra Culture shoes so much they even bought a few pairs from the outlet at Sungei Wang before.

In the invitation email we were told to wear pink on that event and we would like to thank Da Glittersz for sponsoring us the lovely outfits for us. Our look was mix and match by the founder of Da Glittersz. Follow their fan page now for the updates of the new collections!

Can you recognize this place? This area is just right beside of the arcade in Parkamaya. It's very easy to spot.

These gift cards are for the guests. Which is for us too~ <3
Thank you Zerra Culture for the generous gifts.

Ta-Da! The Hallo Agents present on Zerra Culture.

Can you spot our signature?

Biscuits and tea were all ready and set for us to enjoy before the event starts. How thoughtful <3

Look at the set up! It's so pretty~ 
I wasn't sure I was attracted by the decoration or the shoes itself. Maybe both? Haha!

The pretty ladies in pink! I think they match the Zerra Culture image very well.

Now this is me busy walking around snapping photos.

 While I was half way through adoring the pretty shoes around me like I was in paradise. The MCee starts talking. Seems like the event has officially started so I ran to the best spot to take photo.

The first special guest the MCee announced. Jaquee Lee, she's the Ambassador of Zerra Culture and they address her as Diva Z. She gave me very strong impression. She's so tall and pretty and she look very sharp with the electric pink costume, shoes and make up. If they never tell me her name, I would have thought she's a K-pop Star. Haha!

They invited 9 beauty pageant champion as special guests too.
Now that's what we call the symbol of elegant and charming ladies just like the design of Zerra Culture shoes. Elegant and Charming.

They even have a short section of male models demonstrating how man walks and looks on high heels.

 Very bold and chic indeed.

Here comes my favorite. The cutting ribbon ceremony!

 Spot Angeline Lee the founder of Zerra Culture in the middle. Congrats her for the success of the launching of Zerra Culture outlet in Parkamaya!

Now, High tea time! look at the pretty sweets~ <3 I can eat them all day long.

Even their champagne toast in pink and the pink heels on display are so chic! Love it!

 A group photo of us shopping for the shoes.

Agnes can't wait to try on the shoes already.

Cavy and Vikky the big fans of Zerra Culture.

Don't forget to stop by Zerra Culture outlet in Parkamaya if you are looking for chic and pretty high heels. Do check out their fan page for their latest news!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! ^^


Monday, October 28, 2013

Langkawi Trip

I've spent all my savings into Japanese Yen for Osaka trip next month. Oh well~ #yolo.
Need more cash now. So I decided to write portfolio and send to as many potential client and see if I can Jackpot some freelance job. Spent 3 hours digging out old photos taken when I work as Model and talent. Ah~ Memories~ Oh no no. I'm not gonna show all the photos here. It's so ugly! I can't believe I look so auntie back then. Hopefully client won't feel disgust by my old photos. T.T

Okay, back to topic. So I was half way browsing and laughing at my old ugly photos then I see the folder written "Langkawi Trip 2013". Then I was like "OH CRAP! I've totally forgotten about it". It's been like 2 months and I haven't post anything. Feel so sorry to all my friends who went Langkawi together with me. So after writing my portfolio I chop chop edited 99 photos in like 2-3 hours. Well.. Most of the photos are my photo thou. Hahaha! Okay I'm gonna share some of the photos here.

I think many people went Langkawi before and things we did are about the same. 
On the first day, by the time we reach there is already evening right? Then we chill a bit in hotel then walk around on the street. Same right? xD
Then I spotted this super pretty black coated cat laying on the rack! Oh my god~ My heart just melted~